Office of Research: Environmental Health and Safety

Confined Space Program: Responsibilities

III.  Responsibilities

A.  Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEH&S)

· Preparing and maintaining a written program which complies with the requirements of applicable Cal-OSHA requirements.

· Providing instruction to Facility Management supervisors on the major elements of the Confined Space Program.

· Working with Facilities Management personnel to identify confined spaces.

· Performing periodic audits of Program implementation.

B.  Facilities Management

· Designating personnel as “authorized supervisors, entrants, and attendants” and identifying those personnel who are considered “affected employees”.

· Ensuring that all authorized and affected employees have received proper training on Confined Spaces.

· Incorporating the major elements of the Program into written standard operating procedures pertaining to energized equipment maintenance.

· Identifying and maintaining an inventory of all confined spaces.

C. Department Chairs or Directors

· Ensuring that all confined spaces within their department are included in the Confined Space Program and affected employees are trained.

D. Authorized personnel and affected employees

· Complying with the provisions of the Confined Space Program, as described in this document and in the training sessions they attend.

E. Material Management and Contracts

· Ensuring that all bid specifications involving work in confined spaces contain language requiring the contractor to adhere to the UCSF Confined Space Program.


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